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  • Human

    The most prolific of all races. Found in all areas of Barsuem. Several different Kingdoms. [[Main Page]]

  • Dwarf

    Three types of Dwarves [[StoneHearth Dwarves]] - stereotypical dwarves capital city is [[Therasadun]] [[Gulay Dwarves]] - Low Dwarves/Gully Dwarves treated poorly act poorly as a race found mainly around [[Silverton]] [[Goldcrest Dwarves]] - ??? …

  • Elf

    [[High Elves]] Gildathan typical elves capital city is [[Alpacia]] [[Wood Elves]] or Silvans many small clans live around [[Ely]] but have no established city over 150 citzens [[Main Page]]

  • Gnome

    Rocky hilly terrain. Only large city is [[Little Stone]]. Also many around [[Silverton]] Arkay live near [[Little Stone]] Hopi live near [[Silverton]] [[Main Page]]

  • Halfling

    Gentle Hills with at least some trees. No know large cities. *[[Harfoot]] - typical halfling *[[Webtoe]] - Live along the [[Ewpee]] river. know as excellent river sailors, traders, and pirates [[Main Page]]

  • Half Elf

    Found Everywhere. Generally accepted everywhere. [[Main Page]]

  • Half Orc

    Found most places. Bad reputation. Often social outcasts. Higher than average concentration around [[Bayoo]]. [[Main Page]]

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