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  • Ewpee

    Upper Mississippi river above St. Louis / Donal [[Main Page]]

  • Arain

    Runs from the [[Cauldran]] through [[Elf's Bridge]] up to [[Apacia]]. A set of nasty rapids at Elf's Bridge makes the river impassable there. The river is very heavily paroled by the Elven nation. Very little piracy or smuggling. [[Main Page]]

  • Cauldran

    Lower Mississippi river south of [[Kingston]] [[Main Page]]

  • Ichor

    Flows very dark from all of the decaying organic material. Known as the most dangerous of the rivers due to a high level of raiding from lizard men, bullywogs, and orcs. Still receives a decent amount of trade travel due to the ores found in the [[ …

  • East Fork

    The East Fork becomes navigable just east of [[Silverton]]. [[Main Page]]

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