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  • Ely

    Ely is the north most city of Barsuem and often used to denote the area known properly as the [[Winter Plains]]. Ely was once the capital of a thriving kingdom, but now guards mostly a harsh wilderness writhe with ancient ruins and primal magic. Most of …

  • Alpacia

    Capitol City of the Elven Nation. High spires. Arching bridges crossing the [[Arain River]] as the city stradles the river. Make and export fine wood products, silver work, and mundane magic items. [[Main Page]]

  • Elf's Bridge

    Built on the [[Arain]] river in a joint effort between humans and elves. Elf's Bridge is so named because of the high spanning bridge built by the elves that allows land travel over the Arain. Elf's Bridge exists because of the large rapids that are on …

  • Therasadun

    Capitol of the Dwarven empire. Primary source for gold, iron, and other ores for the world. Massive underground complex. [[Main Page]]

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